A Complete Guide to a Summer Wedding Décor

A Complete Guide to a Summer Wedding Décor

Here is something about a summertime celebration that brings pleasure (The pool floats! The cocktails! The bright dresses!). That is why summer is formally called “wedding day,” right? Well, odds are, you are either attending or planning a marriage this month or next. And to assist you, we’ve teamed up with Bristol Photographers Shutter Bliss Photography and we’ve put together a formal guide to summer weddings. No, this manual isn’t likely to let you know how you can master the swing dancing, nail your toast, or seem flawless (no cosmetics melting) in the altar. However, it will inform you the way you can masterfully nail your summertime wedding flowers, cocktails, and much more. (You can thank us later.)

And the great news is, you can get additional fun with summertime wedding décor. As a rule of thumb, begin with your guests in mind and bear in mind that you are going to be coping with extra-high temps along with UV rays. Creative signature cocktails–such as popsicles from Prosecco, sangria channels– and edible flower-garnished Cosmos–will help guests fight the warmth. And as for all those sun rays: Think about giving smart straw hats as favours (or use them as escort cards!)) And provide everybody with parasols or lovers throughout the dinner and reception, particularly if it’s in the day. As soon as you’ve covered the fundamentals, move onto the interesting things, like developing a monogrammed float to the pool if you are celebrating poolside. Or hand out small flamingo floats–believe the famed pool float but bigger, for the beer–at an elegant, raised way (see below). The alternatives for summer wedding decoration are endless, innovative, and particularly bright so keep reading to assemble into to your seasonal wedding. We can not wait to see the way you keep cool while (softly) throwing the celebration of the year!

Fresh Cocktails
Insert popsicles to your glass of Prosecco, and you’ve got the perfect summertime drink. Edible flowers within the clear pops allow it to be picture-perfect–but you better drink quickly!
Festive Favors
Help your visitors combat the heat waves (and look cool while they are at it) using posh fedora hats. We are obsessed with this screen, also.

Upside-Down Florals
Think out-of-the box–or in this case, from the basket. How cool are those hanging florals? The vivid hues and prom feel scream for summer’s interest!
Berry Bites
When it is scorching hot out, the majority of men and women crave something refreshing and light. And in a party, they need something bite-size! That is why you need to place these adorable little ones in your menu.

Flower (Ice) Buckets
You are likely to find a cocktail motif here, but, hey, that is what summer weddings are all about. We are particularly obsessed with those flower-filled ice buckets. They do double duty because of coolers and decorations.

Stylish Colours
Guests appear complicated with a parasol in hand, right?

A Classic Beer Cart!
If you are likely to serve beer at your wedding, then do it in a manner that is unexpected, like within this vintage trailer. (You get bonus points to the merry freshwater and signage décor.)

Next-Level Fans
Go for an unexpected shade for your must-have lovers, which you ought to consider handing out throughout the reception and ceremony. This dark purple is moody and ideal!

Pretty Pink Frosé
It is official: Rosé is your beverage of summer. That is why you need to take “summer water” to another level (critically) by serving it suspended, in rather pink coupes.

Flowery Floats
Throwing a poolside celebration? Throw some monogrammed letters (coated in florals) from that pool!

Melon Munchies
Everyone loves watermelon through summer time! Have your runner cut little pieces and attach them to sticks for effortless eating–and ensure you’ve got loads of personalised cocktail napkins available as you’re at it.

Palms on Palms
When you haven’t discovered, palm leaves would be the best destination wedding decoration. Hang some up over the head table–using a hint to get the party moving! –and you are going to be mega on-trend.

Playful Glassware
Every summer celebration wants flamingo pool floats. Elevate yours (those little ones match beer cans!) Using a relatively display of coordinating antiques–and plastic pineapple cups for pleasure.

Crazy Cacti!
Cactus plants are particularly on trend this year. Do we love the mixture of green with mugs–Moscow mules, anybody? –and cherry accents.

Cakes on Wheels
Beware: The summertime heat makes fondant and icing melt. That is why this rolling cart is an excellent selection for summer weddings: Simply roll it out once you are prepared to cut the cake!

String Lights
Dinner, al fresco under the stars, is a summertime tradition. Embrace this motif having a casual tabletop and twinkle lights from the surrounding trees.

Edible Flowers
Drink trademark cocktails in pretty colours, and then add fresh blossoms for garnish.

Help-Yourself Cocktails
Still another cocktail, however, listen up: A cocktail pub saves you cash! Additionally, it enables visitors to help themselves to as many glasses of sangria as they need.

A Quick Getaway Ride
Take in the breeze with this cart that is secondhand. It is excellent for photo opps!

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