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Wonderful Photos That Prove Rain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Wedding Day

Wonderful Photos That Prove Rain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Wedding Day

Downpour forecast for your big day? Don’t worry about it! It’s actually supposed to be good luck! These photographs demonstrate that blustery, wet weather can result in some truly lovely photography.

We can’t imagine that many brides would wish for rain on their wedding day. Many people think that it’ll ruin their photographs and they won’t enjoy the day itself. No bride wants the stress, worrying that downpour will torment your wedding and demolish every one of your photos.

We’ve gathered together some beautiful photography as well as some tips, which demonstrate that an unfavourable climate doesn’t need to spell catastrophe for your wedding. It can make for some extremely stunning photographs!


Our number one piece of advice would be to speak to your photographer! Get in touch with them and find out how they approach the idea of a rainy day. Do they have any examples of wedding photographs that have been taken in the rain? The likelihood is that they’ve dealt with some not-so-ideal weather conditions before and they’ll be prepared to get a little wet.

For more wedding  ideas check out

This next tip may sound a little bit cheesy, but we suggest watching some romantic films that involve rain! We like this idea because it means you can sit with your fiancé watching films, eating popcorn, and thinking about your wedding day!

There are so many rainy film scenes – just think about ‘The Notebook’ where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are kissing in the rain! (Oh my gosh, who else cried so much as that film!?) Or ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard… rainy kisses are just so romantic! We look at rainy kisses and think “they love each other so much that it doesn’t matter what’s going on around them, they just love each other SO much!”

Here’s a quick list of our favourite films involving romantic rainy scenes:
– The Notebook
– Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– Dear John
– A Cinderella Story
– Enchanted

And ones which the boys won’t mind so much:
– Daredevil
– Spiderman


We’re from Manchester, so we’ve owned MANY umbrellas over the years, from ones which fit in our bags, ones which look like ladybirds, and strange dome ones which are clearly only meant for one person, but who realised that umbrellas could be a great wedding day accessory? In the event that the heavens decide to open, grab your umbrellas and make the most of your wedding day! Shots of a happy couple sharing an umbrella together on one of the best days of their life make our hearts skip a beat.


This may seem like common sense to many, but one of our team raised a really good point (coming from somebody who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup), it may not be an obvious tip for everybody…. Make sure your makeup is waterproof!

In our opinion, it should be anyway because you never know when you’re going to randomly start crying at somebody’s speech or your husband’s vows.


Wellies and weddings are the perfect blend of style and functionality! If you’re expecting it to rain and get exceptionally sloppy, maybe you could provide your bridal party with a decent old pair of wellington boots to wear so that no shoes get destroyed, and everybody can go jumping in puddles for some fun photographs, and create some fantastic memories!

We teamed up with Phil at Phil Webb Wedding Photography and his input was a great help, thank you.

One of our favourite sayings is “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars!” so on your wedding day, if it’s raining then sit tight for the rainbow! When the rain starts to die off a little, there’s generally a beautiful rainbow waiting to make an appearance!

IF rain is predicted on your wedding day, why not check out these amazing wedding umbrellas we found at the Umbrella Shop

The most important piece of advice that we could give to any couple on their wedding day is: Don’t Stress!

Your wedding day will come and go so quickly, don’t spend time worrying about anything. Worrying is the misuse of imagination! If it rains then you make the most of it, just as you would do on a sunny day. Your guests aren’t there to check out the weather, they’re there to watch you and your partner express the love that you have for each other and no matter the conditions, they’ll be happy for you, so relax and enjoy the day together!

7 Evidence A Marriage Will Not Last, Based On Wedding Officiants

7 Evidence A Marriage Will Not Last, Based On Wedding Officiants

They have seen it all.


Wedding officiants — especially the ones that do premarital counselling — frequently receive a behind-the-scenes glimpse to a couple’s future marriage. And what they see isn’t necessarily pretty.

See what the experts over at Mennoite think here.

Beneath, seven signs a marriage does not have what it takes, based on officiants.



  1. One companion is quite judgmental of another.

“When I run my premarital counselling, I could often discover a person being educated about a few behaviour or facet of the character of the spouse-to-be. The judgmental one figures which they’ll gradually alter the other. The judged one supposes that the estimating one will calm down. Maybe that occurs. Couples who seek help can frequently work this one through. The battle is a symptom of the deeper problem; the unwillingness to take in a profound and honouring manner which the other individual is. I always recommend: until you would like to change a person, ask them if they genuinely wish to change. Otherwise, take it or do not get married. And to another: when another person doesn’t stop criticising, learn how to set boundaries — type, bright, business and ruthless if need be — and when your boundaries aren’t respected, do not get married.” — Rabbi Mordecai Finley


  1. The couple believes they’re incomplete without one another.

“Psychologically, a few folks become caught up in a romanticised illusion which their spouse ‘finishes’ them. Believing this signifies how ‘ideal’ they’re for every other, the person fails to comprehend the negative message they’re sending to themselves and for their spouse. This informs itself, ‘I’m not enough by myself. I want this other individual to be pleased’, and it provides the spouse with an unrealistic obligation for another’s well-being. I understand this as an indicator of beautiful immaturity and personal insecurity. Unless the person outgrows this view, it erodes the connection as the spouse finally feels burdened with the duty of carrying this spouse instead of having somebody who stands beside him or her as an equivalent” — Judith Johnson, interfaith minister


  1. One spouse rationalises another’s odd behaviour or remarks.

“A bride once explained that she had a blowout debate with her fiancé, in the conclusion of that he said, ‘You think you know everything about me, but you do not.’ She wondered whether that is a ‘red flag.’ I inquired if she had been inquisitive as to what he had intended, but she shrugged it off with, ‘Oh, that is just him.’ In a year she got pregnant and then discovered what he’d intended. He does not like kids, and therefore he divorced her.” — JP Reynolds, interfaith minister


  1. Everything appears to come before the connection.

“If your job, your loved ones or your buddies come ahead of your connection, that’s an indication that something is wrong. It is obvious that some conditions require more people — family illness, a job at work, a friend in need — but whenever your attention to such things becomes more the rule than the exception, you need to ask yourself exactly what is happening and what exactly are you avoiding. You’re a unit, that does not indicate that you don’t have places in your life with no other inside, but even a catastrophe like a household illness could be addressed collectively. In the long run, that will make you a more powerful unit and construct more closeness.” — Jeddah Vailakis, interfaith minister


  1. One spouse has a feeling of entitlement.

“Throughout our first dialogue, the bride shared that she’d set her career on hold to assist her husband to go to law school. I had been impressed, but then she said, ‘So now he owes me, and he is likely to provide me with the marriage of my fantasies.’ I asked the groom when he believed he ‘owed’ his fiancé anything. He looked blankly and said, ‘No.’ She obtained the wedding of her dreams, and he finally got the divorce of his!” — JP Reynolds


  1. There’s a lack of physical and psychological intimacy.

“Lack of familiarity — both psychological and physical — signifies that something has broken down over the way. If your very best friend isn’t your spouse, why is somebody else getting the best of you? If physical intimacy is waning, which might be an indication of a lack of communication or which you are holding on to resentments, which in the long run will cause a larger separation between you. Strategy dates with your spouse — many of these. Have fun with one another. Know that no matter what, you’ve got one another. The emotional bond will cause the physical familiarity” — Jeddah Vailakis

Why Paul at Paul Weller Photography thinks marriages will last and does not agree with the experts.

Real Weddings With Real People

Real Weddings With Real People

Being a photographer has its challenges!

Although my passion is landscape photography and hence this blog exists I actually make most of my money from weddings and portraits, so I guess you can say wedding photography is my nine to five job. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making every effort to really increase my online exposure and see if I can increase my reputation locally.

To start this I’ve been doing styled shoots and agonising for ages over marketing with wedding websites, and all the stuff that’s supposed to help me “locate my ideal customers”. Undoubtedly it works. Otherwise, folks wouldn’t bother doing it, right?

To help me out I’ve been working with an amazing wedding photographer over in Cheshire called Rick Dell Photography he’s very kindly agreed to help me with my online marketing. His website is really nice and I would love my own wedding site to look something like this once the redesign is completed.

I’d like to photograph people who are having the most amazing day, an ultimate celebration, the best party ever. Individuals who didn’t give a shit about how absolutely the decorations looked similar to the flower girl’s dress, or how the weather was going to turn out.

I wish to photograph individuals who only want to invest themselves into the day and to observe the wedding to their closest friend.

I’m not where they do it. A number of my favourite weddings so far have taken place in a forest, on a beach, by a lake, in a town hall, and in (quite literally) a back garden. And they’ve all been astonishing because they’ve all been ACTUAL FOLKS doing the thing which they’ve desired to do the GET MARRIED.

More and more of my ideal, perfect customers AREN’T finding me via wedding websites and directories (like and Rock My Wedding). Which is freaking me out, because now I’m all “well if they’re not looking on wedding websites where the hell do I locate them?” But it also made me realise the reason I gel so well with my customers, is because they need someone like me who’s just likely to get on with all the day, not make a fuss about the details, but basically shoot the day as it occurs without excessive posed things. Or superb sensational gaudy stuff.

So as you can see when it comes to my wedding photography I have few hurdles to jump over. Hopefully, with a bit of help from Gareth and a revamped website and marketing materials, I can begin to tap into some really amazing clients locally.


6 Best Honeymoon Resorts for Tennis Fanatics

6 Best Honeymoon Resorts for Tennis Fanatics

For tennis lovers throughout the nation, the end of summer means something: it is time for your U.S. Open. Currently in its 137th season, the championship draws fans from far and near to Queens, New York, for 2 months of hard-hitting tennis, fabulous meals, and specialty cocktails which are so trendy and creative, you will want to serve them in your wedding (the Grey Goose Honey Deuce continues to be the popular beverage for 11 years).

Checkout  some venues here.

With tennis, we guessed it was the ideal time to monitor the exact finest honeymoon hotels for couples that love the game. Sure, just about any property you pick is going to have a minimum of one courtroom to strike on, but the stunning places we churn out under take it to a different level–with free equipment, private classes, and sufficient courts to ensure you will not need to wait for your turn.


Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Nevis


The tiny, unspoiled Caribbean island of Nevis is a paradise, isolated beaches, and magnificent foliage–but tennis fans in particular need to set their sights on the Four Seasons land, that boasts 10 courts (four reddish clay along with six tough) that guests can make the most of both throughout the day and during the night. If you are in the mood for training, the team here provides confidential, semi-private, and group classes every day, along with weekday clinics. Equipment can be found at the hotel’s specialist store, as are free tennis shoes. After working up a sweat on the court, have a dip in one of the hotels three free-form, infinity-edge pools.


The Tryall Club, Jamaica

Considerable players, be aware: Tennis is a priority in this stunning Montego Bay hotel. With nine courts in complete (four bud and five challenging) and a ton of experienced pros, the Tryall Club is a must-visit for anybody who enjoys the match. (Proof: The Williams sisters have played here.) Just make sure to pack your tennis whites; appropriate attire is needed, but there is a pro shop on site if you forget your equipment. Other perks of staying at the Tryall Club: exceptionally personalised service, great beachfront villas (a lot of which comprise a personal team to wait on you), even a world-renowned golf program, and a natural garden where you can enjoy lunch or supper.


Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

Hawaii is still a major honeymoon destination, and for a good reason–there aren’t many things better than the bewitching scenery and electrical blue waters you will find. The islands are not lacking for irresistible resorts either, however, if tennis centres are among your needs, we propose you lean towards the Fairmont Orchid on the Kohala Coast. It’s 10-court Hawaii Tennis Center is available to be used on a daily basis, together with educational practices, ball equipment rentals, and courses all available for guests. They will even organise singles, doubles, and mixed doubles match with other vacationers. Away from the court, you will want to indulge in a massage, facial, or body treatment at the Fairmont’s award-winning spa.


Forte Village Resort, Sardinia, Italy

Forte Village is a Mediterranean beach hotel unlike any you have ever experienced. The expansive, newly-renovated home, which extends down Sardinia’s southern shore, is home to eight different resorts, nine private villas, and above 40 suites–therefore there are loads of alternatives when it comes to deciding on the lodging which works best for you personally. (Let’s not overlook the more than 30 restaurants and pubs.) And the hotel has a candy tennis centre as well; it’s one bud, one tough, and 11 clay courts. Former grand slam winners frequently teach the Forte Village Tennis Academy hosts courses for players of all levels. Guests may register for one-on-one sessions, set classes, and championship play based on skill and interest level.


Caneel Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Couples go to the St. John land to bask in the hot sunshine, stroll down the white sand shores, and enjoy the feeling of solitude you can only escape from a secluded area (Caneel Bay sits on a 170-acre peninsula and is only reachable by ferry or boat). The hotel also happens to serve tennis players, together with nine outside courts–just two of which are flood lit for night play–free rackets, along with the choice to take a course with expert Eric Gessner along with his team. The actions do not stop there: Caneel Bay has the water sports program rather, inviting visitors to explore the sea by scuba diving, diving, stand-up paddle fishing, and kayaking. Bonus: The team here will happily organise a romantic beachfront supper to observe your newlywed status.


Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa Marbella, Spain

In case Spain is in your list of likely honeymoon places, you probably wish to reserve a stay at Puente Romano, a fantastic hotel and spa located on the nation’s southern coast. Trust us, after you hit a couple of balls on the courts here (there is 10 of these, including the grand central court that has stadium seating for as many as 2,500 audiences!), you will never need to leave. The mythical Bjorn Borg established the tennis club here in 1979, so it is not a surprise that the hotel regularly hosts official tournaments. World-class tennis centres aside, Puente Romano is an excellent refuge, complete with a stylish, contemporary spa, 11 yummy restaurants, and also the prettiest botanical gardens.


Neil Atkinson From Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography Photography based in Somerset recommends this honeymoon location, check out the link below