Modern Service Backdrops We Are Truly Obsessed With

Modern Service Backdrops We Are Truly Obsessed With

While it’s not something that I have to deal with due to my focus on landscape photography I don find it interesting how people get caught up with latest and greatest trends especially when it comes to weddings. For me, the important factors are the location, equipment, weather and the best time of day to get the perfect shot. However, if you’re planning a wedding then there’s a whole host of things to consider. We invited Daniel from to share his thoughts on some of the modern services available to couples these days.

Your service backdrop is the first wedding ornamentation your guests will see, show them with something new, modern, and completely surprising? A lovely backdrop will help you to develop a focus throughout the ceremony to ensure all eyes are on you (plus: picture perfect Instagram pictures!).

If your wedding aesthetic skews contemporary and clean, then you will adore these exceptional service-backdrop thoughts we have assembled. From luminous strings of cord lights as well as a midcentury-modern wooden sunburst into a jaw-dropping annular backdrop full of greenery and fresh blossoms, a great deal of style and backdrop thoughts will set the scene for the vows.

Marble Wall

This couple exchanged vows on a 12-foot wall of marble that functioned as the service backdrop. To help dampen the general appearance, they added soft, mocha-coloured draping, planter boxes full of chandeliers of greenery hanging overhead, along with abundant wildflowers on either side. Phantom seats that are clear were the perfect seat selection to complement the current service setting.

Annular Backdrop

In the event you are not the wedding arch kind, then take a look at this couple’s very exceptional backdrop: a modern, ring-shaped construction adorned with greenery and white flowers. Your visitors will probably be dazzled by it the second they set foot in your service space.

Wooden Sunburst

The bridegroom, who works as a set designer, fashioned this amazing wooden sunburst to complement the couple’s midcentury-modern wedding place—the Resort Lautner, situated near Palm Springs.

Hanging Wreaths

Keep your service backdrop straightforward to complete the airy setting if you are tying the knot in a contemporary space like an attic. This couple used gauzy chiffon to soften up the wall behind them; they also hung a few different-sized wreaths as ornamentation (keep the greenery on the thin side to get a much more modern appearance).

Geometric Backdrop

Additional adornment is needed by a spectacular desert landscape such as this one. An easy, geometric construction is a contemporary method without detracting in the natural scene to develop a focus in the service space.

Cord Mylar Balloons and Lights

This straightforward-yet-striking service backdrop would make a simple DIY job. Just hang several strings of cord lights vertically to develop a radiant wall supporting the space where you as well as your groom will swap vows; afterwards, add Mylar balloons spelling out a word of your choice to frame the space (make sure each balloon has a little weight connected to the cord).

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