Real Weddings With Real People

Real Weddings With Real People

Being a photographer has its challenges!

Although my passion is landscape photography and hence this blog exists I actually make most of my money from weddings and portraits, so I guess you can say wedding photography is my nine to five job. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making every effort to really increase my online exposure and see if I can increase my reputation locally.

To start this I’ve been doing styled shoots and agonising for ages over marketing with wedding websites, and all the stuff that’s supposed to help me “locate my ideal customers”. Undoubtedly it works. Otherwise, folks wouldn’t bother doing it, right?

To help me out I’ve been working with an amazing wedding photographer over in Cheshire called Rick Dell Photography he’s very kindly agreed to help me with my online marketing. His website is really nice and I would love my own wedding site to look something like this once the redesign is completed.

I’d like to photograph people who are having the most amazing day, an ultimate celebration, the best party ever. Individuals who didn’t give a shit about how absolutely the decorations looked similar to the flower girl’s dress, or how the weather was going to turn out.

I wish to photograph individuals who only want to invest themselves into the day and to observe the wedding to their closest friend.

I’m not where they do it. A number of my favourite weddings so far have taken place in a forest, on a beach, by a lake, in a town hall, and in (quite literally) a back garden. And they’ve all been astonishing because they’ve all been ACTUAL FOLKS doing the thing which they’ve desired to do the GET MARRIED.

More and more of my ideal, perfect customers AREN’T finding me via wedding websites and directories (like and Rock My Wedding). Which is freaking me out, because now I’m all “well if they’re not looking on wedding websites where the hell do I locate them?” But it also made me realise the reason I gel so well with my customers, is because they need someone like me who’s just likely to get on with all the day, not make a fuss about the details, but basically shoot the day as it occurs without excessive posed things. Or superb sensational gaudy stuff.

So as you can see when it comes to my wedding photography I have few hurdles to jump over. Hopefully, with a bit of help from Gareth and a revamped website and marketing materials, I can begin to tap into some really amazing clients locally.


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