What to do the week before your wedding

What to do the week before your wedding

There’s only one week until your wedding day and as you might be finding it tough to sleep, we ought to be certain it is because you’re super-excited rather than because you’re super-stressed. We spoke to leading Bristol wedding photographer Matt Gutteridge to get his insights and tips on how to prepare the week before your wedding.

Here Are a Few Tips you can use to help you to survive wedding week:

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Since you’re an organised individual, you’d have some semblance of a record likely to keep tabs on everything.

Revisit this, or in case you haven’t managed to jot down everything yet, make one here (it is never too late!)
This can enable you to see whether there are any glaringly obvious things you might have forgotten to perform, such as affirm the time that your caterer should start serving meals.
When you have not already got off time, you might have to think about taking a couple of days, or even the week off based on how much you’ve got left to do.

You might have been building a broad picture over the last couple of moons, but now it’s time to get things sorted. Don’t plan every detail down to the precise minute, unexpected things can and probably will come up, so some flexibility will provide you with a bit of peace of mind.
If you have a planner, then you can get tips from your photographer or other vendors since they’ve probably done this umpteen times and may provide you with a few ideas of how long to allocate for each part of your ceremony and reception.
Should you do this at the start of your final week, you’ll have enough time to give copies to all your vendors in addition to the family and the bridal party so that they know where they will need to be and when.

Sneak away from your partner for an hour to try on your wedding dress to be sure it fits perfectly and doesn’t require any further alterations.
You don’t want to be one of the (very few) unfortunate brides who have picked up their wedding dress after having left it in the bag until the day of their wedding, only to discover pins still in it!

The worst aspect of being in heels all day long is being in entirely new shoes all day.
We always advise any bride to wear your gorgeous new wedding shoes around the house for a while. Give your feet some extra breathing space by wearing a thick pair of socks and blowing a hair dryer at the tighter spots to loosen things up.
It’s always an excellent idea to pack an alternative set of shoes which you can wear while you’re having your photos taken or for after the first dance – there’s nothing worse than trying to appear happy and poised while your feet are hurting! You want your wedding shoes to seem incredible, but you don’t need to wear them all day. You may even wear flats or go barefoot if you would like to!

If you’re doing lots of DIY, be certain to drop off any items such as your guest book, candles, menus, table numbers, etc. at the venues where they will need to be.
If your bridal party are helping, arrange a date beforehand for you to meet and prepare the space, but if you’re fortunate enough to have helpers, set the items into containers or boxes with specific directions for them to follow there’s definitely no confusion about exactly where everything goes.

Also, we’d recommend giving your wedding venue coordinator a list of things that have to be given back once the celebration is over so that nothing gets thrown out by accident.

If you will have a rehearsal dinner, it’s an excellent idea not to have it the evening before your wedding. Consider getting everyone together a couple of nights before instead.

However hands-on of a bride you want to be, it’s not possible for you to be in more than one place at one time and in regards to your final seven days, there’s a lot of finalisation needed.
Tap into your fantastic bridal party, other close family and friends and see who’s prepared to run an errand for you. If you spread the love across lots of folks, nobody is going to be burnt out before your wedding.

It is sometimes a fantastic idea to designate a “second in command” who knows just as much about the wedding as you do. It might be your maid of honour or your mother, but their job is to field a few of the questions in the last week so that you aren’t being bombarded from all directions. Additionally, it will help to set their contact details on your wedding website so that no one bothers you on your big moment.

Lots of final vendor payments are going to be happening in the last week before your big day, so to avoid missing any necessary payments to the suppliers. You should think about paying them before the due date or setting up an automatic electronic transfer payment, so then it’s done, and you’re ready to go.

They could have travelled a reasonable way to see you, so if you’re planning to be whisked away right after the wedding on a honeymoon, you may want to schedule in an enjoyable activity or two to share with the guests you might not have connected with for a short time.
This may be a fantastic chance to introduce them to other guests, so they have some contacts on the day of the wedding.

Eat healthily, get rest – no matter how pumped you have started to get – and ensure that you don’t overdo it.

Escape from the preparations and to go for a run, take a yoga class, read a book or a different decompressing activity that you like.
You could indulge in a pampering session with your wedding VIPs, your fiance or even solo and receive a relaxing massage, a spray tan or your nails done.
History would dictate it’s ideal to find spray tans and hair treatments done earlier in the week to permit time for corrections if necessary. You don’t want any fake tan to be coming off on your stunning white dress or any hair mishaps.

Together with all the time, work and possibly even tears, you’ve put into this wedding, make an effort not to let it all get to you on the home stretch.

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